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MASTRA PUMP's Fully Preparation for "Cloud" Business Cooperation

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The 15th of April on the 15th of April, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as " Canton Fair") was launched on the internet. This is the fifth year this year that the Canton Fair has been held in the "cloud". Face-to-face interaction is not possible How can exhibitors keep vendors and grow their customer base by using the Internet? How can they use Canton Fair to leverage Canton Fair to develop both international and domestic markets? In the past, GRTN Channel, Jiangmen TV Station, NewsGD, Jiangmen Daily and other media have interviewed and studied Jiangmen exhibitors – MASTRA Pump Chairman of the board, Mr. Chen Guorong, who shared his experience with his experience at the internet-based Canton Fair and how to make the most of the opportunities at the Canton Fair.

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MASTRA PUMP is a benchmark company located in Jiangmen City. It is more than 70 percent of the products are exported and the goods are exported globally in more than 70 countries. In order to create commercial opportunities and take advantage of market, the company has taken more product images as well as updated digital promotional material, and created catalogs of its products for specific markets as well as created two separate websites that allow customers to learn more about the products offered by the company. With regards to products the company has come up with several marketable new products for the trade show.

By visiting the factory as well as the live broadcast room we experienced firsthand the operational process that the MASTRA PUMP participating at the 131st annual online Canton Fair. The Chairman Chen Guorong said in the interview: "This time we plan to launch some unique products based on the original products. For example, environmentally friendly and energy-saving stainless steel products have significant energy-saving effects, which are about 6%-10% higher than traditional products. In addition, we focus on promoting solar water pumps, and it is very convenient to install these water pumps in remote mountainous areas where wires cannot be pulled through."

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As a crucial method for exhibitors to show their goods as well as showcase their products, an online Canton Fair is inseparable from live broadcasts. Following the four sessions in "exercise", MASTRA PUMP is fully adapting to this format and has filmed a video of a factory visit at the initial stages in the Canton Fair to visually demonstrate the company's strength, size and manufacturing process for domestic as well as international customers. The video is well-received from customers. It also received business cards from a variety of foreign business contacts and has also done numerous business contacts and achieved excellent results.

131st Canton Fair

Due to the effects of the disease, a lot of customers were unable to the store. MASTRA Pump also considered what customers ' thoughts were and devised a range of viable ways to promote business, which produced positive results. The company reported that between 2020 and 2021 the company's sales rose by over 20 percent year-over-year.

Welcome to all who come to MASTRA PUMP booth in the 131st Canton Fair!

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