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Tips to Tell if Your Mastra Pump is Running Inefficiently

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Submersible pumps are among the most efficient options available if you need to pump liquid from a large body of water. Whereas most water pumps are positioned outside of bodies of water and pull water to the surface, MASTRA submersible pumps are submerged and push water to the surface.

This process is far less energy-intensive than sucking or pulling water to the surface, which means that our MASTRA submersible pumps are affordable to run and can be relied on to produce high-quality results.

Obviously, MASTRA submersible pumps can only operate effectively in bodies of water that are deep enough for them to be submerged. However, if you do have access to a deep body of water, they are the ideal pumping solution. But what exactly can you use them for? We've come up with three common uses for these handy devices.

1. Irrigation

If you own land and want to ensure that it is thoroughly irrigated and healthy, MASTRA solar submersible pump is a ideal solution for you. Whether you own a mid-sized garden or several acres of farmland, you can use one or more our solar submersible pumps to supply your land with water from a reservoir, lake or other convenient source. Due to the low cost of getting power from solar panels to run submersible pumps, you should be able to save up more costs than getting power from municipal electricity, although you might need to power it from that some time, like night and rainy days.

solar irrigation pump

2. Pumping from wells and boreholes

Do you have a deep well or borehole that you want to use to supplement your water supply? MASTRA submersible pumps or full-stainless steel submersible pumps can help you achieve this task. When you're all set, you’ll need a way to transfer water from the well or borehole into storage tanks. Submersible pumps are ideal for this task. They are efficient enough to pump water up from great depths without using too much power or becoming overstrained. What's more, our MASTRA pumps apply multistage floating impeller design to make sure it not to get stuck by tiny sand, and our EG motors utilize H-class (200 degrees) high temperature resistant pure copper enameled wire to prolong motors' working life.

submersible deep well pump

3. Draining unwanted bodies water

Do you need to get rid of a pond or a similar body of water that's currently on your land? If you have an unwanted body of water, MASTRA low water level drainage pumps can help you drain it quickly and efficiently. They apply Italian double mechanical seal and AC overheat protector, moreover, charming point is that water level of this pump is as low as 8mm. They can also be used to pump water out of basements and other areas that might become flooded.

Low Water Level Drainage Pump




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